Mark Alby, Glasgow, UK

Mark Alby

Head of IT Department

Mark is facing serious network issues at the office that is interfering with the staff’s communication with clients.  He hopes to get a long lasting solution to these network problems.

The Problem

There is a looming disaster at Mark’s office caused by the staff’s inability to communicate with clients. Calls are getting dropped and the network is so slow. Everyone has resorted to working near the window to get some semblance of good network, but this has not been helpful either because not everyone can stand by the few windows at the same time. Besides, it is impossible to stay in that position all day. In their frustration, Mark has tried to work with different operators  but the network outage persists.  The problem is, the walls of the office are so thick that they are hindering the signals from coming in. This is not a problem that the mobile operators can solve. Yet, business is being affected and everyone is pretty fed up with this network problem, because even the most important calls cannot be completed.  

Our Team Solution

Mark gets a recommendation from a friend to try a mobile signal booster for the office. His friend already has one, which according to him, works remarkably well.  Given that his friend is very picky, Mark believes him and decides to take a chance with the signal booster. He makes a call to this company  and has a long conversation with the customer care personnel.  Given that he has never purchased a network signal booster, there is so much he needs to know. The professional customer care personnel answers every single enquiry ever so patiently.  By the end of the conversation, Mark knows exactly what he wants from the many  device options for this specific problem.  Shortly after hanging up, he places his order. The device arrives in good time and he even installs it himself. That marks the end of all the network problems in that office.  Business can now flow normally and everyone is happy.  

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