David Kinsley, Market Drayton, UK


Business Consultant

David  is experiencing poor signal inside his store causing challenges like taking orders and contacting his customers. He hopes to find a quick and full proof solution that will solve his issue.

The Problem

A small business owner, David Kinsley from London, is quite irate with the poor signal inside of his store. He has had many frustrating conversations with his major cell phone provider, to no avail. They have explained to him many times
over, that there is nothing they can do for his problem, because of the steel roof. He even went as far as to threaten to move to a different carrier if they couldn’t improve his mobile phone service. His present provider stated that every other company would not be able to do any better because of the building material used on his roof. Whenever he needs to make business calls or texts, he needs to step outside to do so. He would like to have sufficient signal inside of his store, so that he can take orders and contact customers. David is getting more upset by the day, in fact, every time he tries to make another phone call that gets “dropped”, he said he “sees red”!

Our Team Solution

A friend of David’s told him to go to “mobilesignalboosters.co.uk” for a possible solution to his problem. After another aggravating conversation with his provider, he did exactly that. He went to the website to look for a signal booster that would give him the coverage and signal strength he desired for the inside of his store. He spoke to someone at the company that was knowledgeable, patient, and listened to his grievances. He wanted a quick and foolproof solution, so that his business wouldn’t suffer from his poor mobile communications any longer. Colin, the professional customer service representative suggested a “Dual Network Cell Phone Repeater Voice & 4G LTE” booster to David. He pointed out that because of the size of the store, a signal booster that covers up to 300 sq. m. would be his best bet. Colin also assured him that he could install the booster himself, in about half an hour, and that he could guarantee the outcome to his satisfaction.

Tom Jones

Technical Expert

David contacts a professional customer service representative who recommends a Dual Network Repeater Voice and 4g LTE booster. This signal booster covers up to 300 sq. m which makes it ideal for his store. 

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