Daniel Davies, Manchester, UK

Daniel Davies

CRM Manager

Daniel is the CRM manager of his company and they are experiencing bad quality calls. He needs a quick solution that will enable them to focus on the service instead of the bad network.

The Problem

Daniel’s company is customer based and good communication lies at the centre of the success of their company. He and his colleagues have been experiencing very bad phone calls quality. Neither the employees nor the clients can understand what is being said over the phone.  They have had enough of the clients’ complaints about voices ‘cutting’ and being asked to speak louder. Given that Daniel’s company is customer-based and good calls are very important to them. He wants a solution that will enable him to focus on the delivering quality service to his customers instead of worrying about the network. Customer satisfaction is very important to him. 

Our Team Solution

Desperate for a working solution, Daniel calls this company and asks about the mobile signal boosters. He needs a product that will once and for all make calling and using the Internet less annoying. He is furnished with a lot of viable information about the mobile signal boosters. The customer care people are professional and helpful. He is also guided through the entire process, from the actual purchase, the delivery and even the installation itself.  After the installation, the employees no longer experience problems with the network and bad reception. The mobile signal booster has worked efficiently, better than he expected. Gone are the days of being asked to talk louder and receiving complaints on cutting voices from understandably frustrated customers. The calls are clear and communication is possible. Everyone has gone back to attending to the clients’ needs, because that is really all that should be focused on. Daniel is very thankful for this welcome change.

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