Dominic Whittaker, London, UK

Network Administrator

Dominic’s office is in a poor area for reception purposes. He can only access E-services and rarely gets a signal for mobile services for him and his employees. He needs a cell phone signal repeater.

The Problem

Many businesses deal with very slow internet service due to location, just like Dominic Whittaker. He told us that the mobile tower close to his office has only “E” services for the internet, but he is really wanting 4G LTE capability. Unfortunately, the availability of that is in the nearest city, almost 40 miles away from his village. He has done some research on the problem and realizes they are in a poor area for reception purposes. He said that “his internet dongle only picks up EDGE and very rarely gets a signal for mobile phones”. He would like to purchase a cell phone signal repeater, but is in a quandary of which would work best for his needs. He knows he will require more than just the basic model, due to the size of his office and the various networks that his employees use for the mobile phones, on which they make business calls. He checked online at “” to determine which signal booster to get. When he couldn’t decide, he called the customer service department to get a technical agent to help him.

Our Team Solution

The professional representative at our office, Julia, knew she could assist Dominic with his predicament. She had a lot of experience with similar rural business owners, and heard of this problem frequently. She knows that not everyone can live in a city, where cell phone signal is much better. Out in the country, there are many villagers who, understandably, want the same signal strength to conduct their communications and media usage that city dwellers experience. Dominic’s slower internet speed could be boosted by the repeater that Julia recommended. She suggested he purchase a cell phone booster for all networks, since his business deals with different providers, and for the size of 300 sq. m. She waited for his reply, after selling him the appropriate repeater.

Tom Jones

Technical Expert

The professional representative recommends a cell phone booster for all networks which he purchases. This booster is perfect for him since he and his employees deal with different network providers to make business calls.

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