Ben Pearson, North London, UK

Ben Pearson

Technical Engineer

Ben Pearson’s charity foundation is currently experiencing mobile signal challenges that are holding back communication with clients and partners. Their building has completely no signal.

The Problem

Even corporations, businesses, foundations, programs and others, experience poor mobile signal strength, either occasionally or consistently.  This makes it very problematic to conduct normal business measures, (B2B), such as those that Ben Pearson of North London, handles in the running of his big charity office, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions in North Wales.  The regular capacity in his office is that is has no mobile signal availability anywhere in the building, but he has noticed the situation changes about some 50 metres down the road.  The important work that the charity does is impaired by the lack of mobile phone communication.  This not only slows down some of the program initiatives, it has on occasion, stalled them completely.  This is not an acceptable way to do business for Ben Pearson, and he is actively searching for a remedy.

Our Team Solution

A colleague suggested to Ben to review the “” website for a solution for his unpleasant office situation.  He further explained to him how his own home has benefited from the signal booster that he had purchased recently.  Ben is not one to sit idle, and immediately checked out the site and the various signal boosters offered.   He was a bit perplexed as to which one would be best for his office, so he phoned a customer service representative, that not only proved to be very professional, but was also extremely helpful in making his choice. Ben told the rep that he “was looking for a solution that can bridge the 50 metre gap and supply signal to the building.  Since we are a charity, we are looking for a cost-effective answer”.  Stephen, the service agent, ascertained his needs, such as extending range to the current antenna, allowing multiple users at the same time to access the signal, one that offers high functionality and also covers the large building area.   His suggestion, a dual band booster, is an industrial grade signal booster that would guarantee at least three bars of signal strength at all times. Ben enthusiastically ordered the repeater and had it installed by a co-worker, who mentioned how easy the process was to accomplish.

Tom Jones

Technical Expert

The representative carefully and professionally breaks down the problem eventually narrowing down to the dual-band booster. While guaranteeing at least three bars, it provides enough coverage allowing multiple users to use it seamlessly.  

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