Where do you need to improve your signal?

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Where Do You Need to Improve Your Signal?

We have a wide range of mobile signal boosters for home home and the entire office for you to choose from. Here you can find hassle-free communication system solutions to provide you with the coverage you need. Our user-friendly filter system will make the buying experience even better and easier.

Why Choose Us?

One of the most commonly used means of communication in this world is the mobile network, poor signal' being one of the largest and often made complaints. This is where mobile signal booster industry has its chance to shine. We understand how crucial it is to solve this problem and have been doing so for more than 10 years. As a result of excessive research, we have developed a line of extremely effective mobile phone reception boosters, thus providing innovative signal solutions.

How It Works

  1. Find the strongest signal outside and set up the external antenna. Connect the outside antenna to the BTS port of your booster with the long cable.
  2. Signal booster needs to be connected to the indoor antenna through the MS port. Tightly secure all the connections before turning on the system.


Case Studies


A lot of people are frustrated with their poor cell reception. Some people voice their concerns and complaints and some don’t. However mere complaining is not going to get you anywhere. The solution is to purchase a mobile signal booster and get rid of your problem once and for all.

Nowadays you can buy a mobile phone booster that covers a wide variety of carriers, and some of them will even boost the signal for more than one carrier. Imagine a situation, where you are out with a friend in your car and both of you need to make phone calls. Even if you have different providers, both of you will get great use out of your mobile phone signal booster. In case you get a multiple band mobile signal booster, it will solve the problem, without any work on your part.

There are cell phone boosters that support such carriers as T-Mobile, Vodafone, GiffGaff, BT Mobile, Orange, Virgin Mobile, O2, Three Mobile, EE, and Tesco Mobile. All these providers operate within the United Kingdom and we can offer a perfect signal booster for each of them. Now you can always have great coverage throughout the UK, no matter where you are, in a rural or urban area. We take care of your signal problem and offer the confidence that no personal or business call will be dropped or interrupted, regardless of your location.

Mane users want to have excellent coverage in their homes, boats, offices or even in their hotel rooms when they travel. We can provide a mobile phone booster, that will fit every single environment. Let the dropped calls be a thing of the past. We offer signal booster ranging from small to large area coverage, that can be a perfect fit for your home or office. You provide us with the square footage of your building and we help you choose the mobile signal booster to perfectly fit your coverage needs. We also offer transportable signal boosters for hotel rooms, that you can take with you while travelling. Now you can keep the business going and make the important phone calls, even if you are away from your office.

Want to go sailing for a weekend? Make sure to grab your cell phone signal booster for your boat as well. Always stay available for important calls while enjoying your relaxing time off. We guarantee excellent coverage even at sea. Our 3G and 4g signal boosters will provide a strong signal for both GSM and data networks. The 3G booster will hold the signal strength, however, the 4G repeater will leave you speechless with its optimum strength for all your communication needs, both voice and data. No more waiting to get to the better signal area to return a call. We got you covered with our 3G and 4G signal boosters, no matter where you are.

With a multi-band mobile phone signal booster, you can bypass the busiest band and get a strong signal with another. Make uninterrupted phone calls even during network “rush hours”. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best reception and connectivity available in the UK. Always be prepared for unexpected and important calls with your own mobile phone booster in your home, office, boat and so on. Display a high level of professionalism by committing to seamless communication.

When network flow becomes bogged down on one band, a dual band or tri-band mobile phone signal booster helps to bypass the busiest band, and give you signal strength on another. Thus, you are able to still make phone calls at the dreaded “busy” times of the day. The signal booster for mobile phones works hard to give you the best reception and connectivity available. Business calls can’t always wait for better signal strength, so it’s better to always be prepared with a mobile phone booster in your car, office, home and more. Show your customers how important their calls are to you, by assuring them of your commitment to excellent communication. It will make your business shine above the rest!

By purchasing an all-band mobile signal booster, you can match all UK carriers. This type of signal booster for mobile phones will maximize the signal strength of all providers. When you commit to resolving all your issues with communication systems, you show your clients how important they are to you and your business. It’s a simple gesture, but goes a long way, when your clients can always reach you and there to help them whenever they need you. A mobile phone booster can take care of your connection problems, so you can focus on your actual work and maximizing your potential.

You will see the results of your dedication to seamless communication right away with a multi-band signal booster for your business. No more miscommunication between you and your clients or partners. By always being available you show devotion to your business and your partnership with them. Let us help you pick the right mobile signal booster for your connectivity needs and get you up and running right away.


A lot of people wonder what a mobile phone booster is. The answer is pretty straightforward, however, let us give you backstory first. In our times of globalization, wireless technology and been evolving rapidly for several decades now. Known as cell or mobile phones has become a primary means of communication. We use them to call, watch movies, shop, study, work, you name it. Phones work using wireless networks. One of the biggest network providers in the UK is Vodafone. Throughout the years the network provider industry has worked hard to cover remote areas of the country. However, there are still large areas that experience network problems and are left out of decent coverage. This is where signal boosters for mobile phones come to save the day.

The mobile signal repeater is a machine that catches signal waves using an outdoor piece (normally an antenna) and sends a signal to the indoor unit, which boosts the signal. There is a wire that connects the outdoor antenna and indoor booster, and the signal travels through that wire. Connected to the source of power, the indoor unit boosts the signal through complex circuitry. In turn, the indoor booster unit sends the magnified signal to the indoor antenna, that is connected to it. Then the antenna changes the electrical signal it got through the wire into a wave and sends it to the outdoor antenna in the same frequency as it operates on.

Since the frequency waves are not changing, the phones only pick up the stronger signal. Your phone will not know the difference. So in short, mobile phone booster is a device that amplifies the mobile signal that your phone catches. It is very important to understand how mobile signal boosters work. Here is a step-by-step demonstration of how gsm boosters work.

  1. The outdoor antenna (or directional antenna) of the cell phone signal booster detects and gets the signal. These signals are too weak to be detected by mobile phones since the antenna incorporated in them is very small. Given that the outdoor antenna is much bigger, it is easier for it to catch the signal, even the one that goes undetected by the mobile phone.

  2. Then the weak signal moves to the indoor booster unit by wires. The process is set in this exact way to ensure that the signal won’t weaken further before reaching the booster itself.

  3. Further, the booster itself amplifies the signal by overlapping the frequency waves of the provider with the actual poor signal. The process strengthens the overall signal and your phone can now detect it with no problem. The booster performs this process using the electricity in the power socket.

  4. The strong signal then travels to the indoor antenna, which beams it all over the coverage area. The GSM signal booster makes it possible for mobile phones to receive the amplified signal, instead of the original weak one.

  5. Money back guarantee

    We work very hard to provide the best products to our customers. Nevertheless, there could be reasons for the signal booster not to be a perfect fit for you. There could be issues with wrongful setup, amplification or connections. In case you need any help, please do contact us, since our 24/7 customer support team is always here to cater to your needs the best way possible. Our customer care team will make sure your booster is up and running again and you hang up having your problem resolved. There could be cases, where our highly qualified support team won’t be able to fully help you. For those cases, we offer a 30-day return policy.

    We guarantee high quality of our for our signal boosters since they are developed, produced and tested in compliance with boundary conditions and standard guidelines. We offer a 30-day full refund so you have the time to make sure the booster is a perfect fit for you and all its features and functions meet your expectations. However, if you are still not fully satisfied with your signal booster for any reason, we are happy to exchange it or give your money back. Our customer’s satisfaction is a top priority for us, thus we are happy to exchange the product or offer a full refund, and we will guide your way through it until you have the new product or money in your hands.

    Are mobile signal boosters safe?

    In today's age of technological advancement, we are surrounded by all kinds of gadgets and devices that emit radiation of some kind, it is your TV, microwave, phone, laptop and many more. This radiation affects us one way or another. There is a debate going on regarding the safety of the mobile boosters in UK, and the opinions are conflicting. We are already surrounded by many devices that emit electromagnetic radiation and we keep adding to them: smartwatches, smart washing machines and fridges that connect to wifi and can be remotely controlled. The list goes on and on. Adding a crucial device that will keep you connected at all times will not increase the level of electromagnetic radiation by much.
    There is hardly any threat to human health in using a mobile phone signal booster, as research made evidently. The reason for that is because mobile network booster emits very little power, and even several mobile network boosters operating on the premises will not make a significant difference in emitted power. On the other hand, mobile phones are proven to be much more harmful, as studies show, since they stay on or near the person for most of the day, thus affecting the individual on a higher level.
    A very important fact should be taken into account here: in the event of low network coverage, the mobile phone starts to increase the input power, in order to catch the weak signal, when in fact setting up a mobile repeater will decrease the input power, since the signal is already strong and easy to receive by the cell phone. Thus, adding another device such as a mobile signal booster in the low coverage zone, will, ironically, save you from the harmful radiation of the cell phone, proving that mobile phone reception boosters are the opposite of harmful.

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